• (par-ak’-lay-sis)
  • Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine

    • a calling near, summons (especially for help)
    • imploration, supplication, entreaty
    • exhortation, admonition, encouragement
    • consolation, comfort, solace; that which affords comfort or refreshment; thus of the Messianic salvation . . . so the rabbis call the Messiah the Consolation of Israel (Luke 2:25)
    • “persuasive discourse, stirring address—instructive; admonitory, consolatory; powerful hortatory discourse”

The publisher’s story:

Paraklesis Press has been living in my head since 1995 or thereabouts. The first domain name I bought was paraklesis.com. And I held that domain for the next 19, or so, years.

And then I sold it.

Someone offered me cash for it so I did a quick search and found that ParaklesisPress.com was available. Never one to turn down money, I sold paraklesis.com and bought ParaklesisPress.com.

It turned out to be a good move.

Just that little change was enough to make me get off my rear and look at Paraklesis Press as a real business.

It is so easy to start a small publishing company these days. Very affordable. And all you need to know—all you need to learn—has been put online by some helpful person. By more than one helpful person, in fact.

This ease, though, has led to a glutted market. “Who needs another small press?” the evil little voice in my head asked. “And how will you sell books?”

Well, I’m a literary agent specializing in children’s fiction, and I see many great manuscripts each year that I can’t sell. I see books that I know readers would like, but I can’t talk publishers into taking them on. Big publishers, it seems, have gotten more and more interested in buying big books—blockbuster books—and they seem to have no desire to publish books that many readers will love, but that are not fresh enough to break out in a big, Harry-Potter-ish way.

And this push for the fresh, the big, the new, the shocking—the jolt of excitement that will get readers buzzing—has had a negative impact on our world, I think. I am not a fan of many of the books we are offering to readers, these days, particularly to young readers.

So I have for a while, wished to see some publishing companies crop up that are a bit less cutting edge. A bit more staid and sure and a bit less earth-shattering and shocking. Some publishing companies that lean a bit to the right of center to counteract the leftward lean of so many of the big houses.

And as I thought more about this, I felt that I ought to be willing to labor, in love, for the books I wanted our young people to read.

So here we are—launching a new small press.

And maybe it won’t just be a labor of love. Maybe we’ll make some money at it. We think the publishers are wrong, after all. We think there are more conservative people in this world than they seem to think there are.

The name of the press is aimed at keeping us on an even keel (not leaning too far right!). We hope that the books we publish will encourage and comfort and console. And maybe a few of them will entreat or exhort. They may even deliver stirring addresses or persuasive discourses on occasion.

Paraklesis Press.

Founded in 2017.

We shall see how far the Lord takes us.

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