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A rollicking, rhyming picture book that affords children an opportunity to evaluate feelings in a safe and fun way.

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You’re upside down, backwards, your feelings are swirly-- whether you’re growing up boyish or girly-- moods flip flop, changing, they’re different each day. Like a big bunch of smells, you’re a . . . feelings bouquet!

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From Kirkus:

Apokedak crafts a rounded fantasy world–from the village with its superstitions and traditions to the city with its magical cloths. But for all of its exotic settings, this book is concerned primarily with slavery. Human dignity is the prevalent theme. Iniquities flourish, and Repentance, though a strong-willed protagonist, is faced with a disheartening truth: that fighting against the system will not always make things better.

The story in this sense is a difficult read. But its subject matter is leavened by clear prose and well-drawn minor characters. . . . the author has paced events nicely.

. . .  By the third act, readers should hope, fear, and thrill to the prospect of a happy ending.

A purposeful and absorbing exploration across dark and rocky terrain. ~ Kirkus Reviews

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SCBWI Work in Progress Grant

    • 2nd Place

ACFW Genesis Contest

    • First Place Speculative Fiction Category

Novel Rocket

    • First Place YA Category
    • Book of the Year

Realm Makers

    • First Place Debut Category
    • Finalist YA Category
    • Finalist Book of the Year


    • First Place YA Category


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An interactive devotional journal for children 8 to 12, filled with Biblical insights aimed at training children to search scripture for truth, to worship God in joy, and to express that worship through art and writing.

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If you will come and stay with us You shall not want for ease; We'll swing you on a cobweb Between the forest trees. And twenty little singing birds Upon a flowering thorn Shall hush you every evening And wake you every morn.

If you will come and stay with us You need not miss your school, A learned toad shall teach you, High-perched upon his stool. And he will tell you many things That none but fairies know— The way the wind goes wandering, And how the daisies grow.

If you will come and stay with us You shall not lack, my dear, The finest fairy raiment, The best of fairy cheer. We'll send a million glow-worms out, And slender chains of light Shall make a shining pathway— Then why not come to-night?

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Sun pops up, and out we run. Shovels, buckets, surfboards, FUN! And all around us life is brimming— flying, crawling, floating, swimming. Sticky sand beneath our feet. Wonder who we’re gonna meet?
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When Mole loses her spectacles she calls on her ducktective friend, Duck, to come solve the mystery of the missing glasses.

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A book full of devotional readings, fun puzzles, coloring pages, drawing pages , and journaling pages, aimed at encouraging children to learn about God from the pages of the Bible.

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