The Button Girl


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The Button Girl

by Sally Apokedak

Back Cover
The Button Girl front cover

Sixteen-year-old Repentance Atwater hates living in the breeder village. She hates the foggy swamp, she hates that the other villagers think she’s cursed because of her light complexion, and, most of all, she hates the thought of “buttoning” with Sober Marsh and breeding little slave babies for the overlords.

But the law is clear: Anyone who refuses to button and breed is taken away and sold as a slave on the overlord mountain. Repentance won’t be taken alone, either. Sober Marsh, her intended button mate, will be ripped away from his family and sold, as well.

Before the night of her Button Ceremony is over, Repentance has devastated her family and ruined Sober’s life. But worse things are coming on the overlord mountain. Repentance’s stubborn idealism and unruly tongue enrage the king, and she winds up endangering her entire village.

Read the first two chapters free. 

Editorial Review:

“. . . The Button Girl may be a YA fantasy, but readers of all ages will be delighted with this story. It’s filled with gripping tension, engaging characters, a fantasy setting that comes to life, and above all a problem that is so relevant to our times.

“Apokedak gives no easy answers, but she does put her character into a situation that forces her to choose, and in so doing she allows us to see more clearly what our responsibilities are today. It’s a brilliant way to address what our culture faces.

“I give this book my highest recommendation. Readers of all stripes, but especially fantasy readers, will be thoroughly engaged throughout. This is a book you won’t want to miss.” Becky Miller Speculative Faith

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