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On any given day I have many things to say, most of which are not going to change the world.

And that’s one of the great things about a blog–you can speak to your friends, to your fans, to your customers, or just to yourself. If people like what you’re saying they’ll read to the end. If they don’t care, they’ll flit away unharmed, like little birds, darting hither and yon, looking for worthwhile morsels.

So, in keeping with my mission of publishing things a bit to the right of center, I’m laying down  thoughts here, every now and then. Thoughts that don’t warrant a book, by any stretch of anyone’s wild imagination. Thoughts that often won’t have anything to do with publishing. Thoughts that may sometimes will most likely tick off my friends on the left. And my friends on the right. And my friends in between. I’m an equal opportunity offender most days.

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  1. Publisher

    Well, now the pressure is on. I’ll have to actually post things. :)

    And . . . there’s the ship with Jorgan going off to Xian (?) and reminding me that I need to figure out what to tell you about that book. You are on my prayer list, so . . . often on my mind. Making my life difficult. :) It would be easier if I just hated your voice. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you.

    • G. K. Werner

      Thanks for your prayers. You are in ours also. And thanks for keeping The Sword and the Way in mind. Your schedule, work load, and stress level as a literary agent certainly outdistances mine as a teacher, even a prison education teacher–and you teach as well. And write. Love the preview pages of your new book, The Button Girl, on Amazon. Ginny and I have ordered it. The characters and setting feel so real and vivid, Repentance’s dilemma and desires heart-wrenching. Can’t wait to find out what she does next–and what touble that causes her.

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