Preachy Fiction

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I haven’t read it. But … I hold this up to all my Christian and/or conservative writer friends who insist that we ought not preach in our books. Everyone else is preaching and we need to preach also. We need … Continued

Christian Writers in Culture

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Christian and author (though not necessarily a Christian Author, depending on your understanding of the term) Mike Duran​ asks some good questions in a recent article at Lorehaven. I’m not sure what the answers are. What I always tell my … Continued

Taking Hold of the Future

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I’m just so thrilled that God is allowing me to do this publishing stuff. It’s not going very fast, as it’s being done in my spare time, but it’s going forward all the same. A little bit here and a … Continued

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Speak   This is a few years old, but still very good. “They cannot prosecute us all, and they cannot kill us all. Every one of us is isolated until he finds the neighbor across the street agrees with him … Continued

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This is the stuff that makes me weep. It’s so hypocritical to say on the one hand, “We shall give teens all the warped sexual content, and all the humanistic content, and all the demonic content we want because they … Continued

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I kicked my Google addiction several months back. I use Brave for a browser now (happy to support Brendan Eich) . I switched from Gmail to Outlook. Yes, I get that Microsoft is a huge corporation. But they are not anywhere … Continued

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This excellent video just came into my inbox. I love all the Prager University stuff. Short and logical videos. This one I give you, because it has to do with the power of story. It’s not just Hollywood that seeks … Continued