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I kicked my Google addiction several months back.

  • I use Brave for a browser now (happy to support Brendan Eich) .
  • I switched from Gmail to Outlook. Yes, I get that Microsoft is a huge corporation. But they are not anywhere as powerful or controlling as Google.
  • I use Duck Duck Go for searching.

Was it a hassle? Yes it was. But I went cold turkey, endured the cold sweats and the skin crawling and spent several days transferring emails and learning to get along with a new search engine and browser, because it was important to me. I’m as dedicated to this as my leftist friends are dedicated to recycling their garbage. Why? Because I think mankind is the most important resource on earth and polluting our minds and our hearts is far worse than polluting the planet.

If we pollute nature but retain good hearts and clear thinking, we may be able to solve the world’s ills. But if we ruin out hearts and minds, we’ll destroy the world for sure. And what would it matter if we didn’t? There would be no purpose to living.

Of course we can do both—protect our hearts and minds and recycle our trash. Please don’t send hate mail. I am merely making a point: Many of my friends passionately care about polluting the planet by burning fossil fuels and passionately care about polluting their bodies with processed foods but care nothing about polluting their hearts and mind with streaming garbage put out by Hollywood and leftist colleges and publishing houses.

I care about polluting my mind and I care about contributing to the mind pollution of others. I care about giving big companies too much power over the world in which I live. So I steeled my resolve and I suffered through the withdrawals. I kicked my Google addiction.

And I’m glad I did. Because with the Internet and with the wonderful, wide availability of inexpensive technology, we are all able to be published. But what good is having a voice and speaking if people can’t find you and hear you? I’m disturbed by Google’s intrusive tactics and even more disturbed by their bullying tactics. If we want to be heard, we need to throw some support toward the littler companies, I think.

Here’s an update on Prager U’s fight with Google. Watch it and weigh in. What do you think? Is it worth it to leave Google? Will enough of us make the change to make it matter?

From PragerU:

Support our efforts against Google/YouTube. Google and YouTube dominate internet search with over 75% of the market. If you disappear on Google, your ability to voice your opinion disappears too. PragerU is an educational non-profit that has had over 40 of their videos restricted by YouTube. That’s why they have recently filed a lawsuit against the tech giant. This is not just about PragerU being silenced – it’s about the targeting of dissenting opinions. Tomorrow it could be your point of view that is silenced. Stand up for freedom of speech and fight back against online censorship by signing the petition today at:

Source: Who Will Google Silence Next?

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