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This is the stuff that makes me weep.

It’s so hypocritical to say on the one hand, “We shall give teens all the warped sexual content, and all the humanistic content, and all the demonic content we want because they are not babies and they should be treated as adults and they can make up their own minds and they must throw off the shackles of judgment that the religious people put on them,” and then to say on the other hand, “We must not allow Christian content as it is too dangerous for these tender young people who need our protection.”

They disallow heterosexual content in middle-grade books but they seem to love homosexual content in books for the age group. Is that not indoctrination? Presenting just one side of an issue?

I don’t ask that they stop writing books with atheist heroes or transgender heroes or kick-ass heroines. I only ask that they allow us to write books with wives who choose to be submissive because they are strong and smart rather than because they weak, stupid cows, and about girls who don’t abort their babies because they know a baby’s right to life trumps a mother’s right to not be fat and tired for several months, and about heterosexual ministers who don’t beat their wives and sexually molest their children.

But . . . I feel for them. God is not mocked. It would be better for some people to tie a millstone around their necks . . . I pray they come to their senses and repent.

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