Taking Hold of the Future

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I’m just so thrilled that God is allowing me to do this publishing stuff. It’s not going very fast, as it’s being done in my spare time, but it’s going forward all the same. A little bit here and a little bit there.

The Patreon page has not picked up many supporters and my sales are virtually nil, but as I publish each book I am so happy to have an actual volume to hold in my hands. It feels like such an accomplishment to have some fruit. Some evidence that I’m producing something.

And, perhaps this year, I’ll sell some books. I’ve taken a couple of years off the conference circuit but this year I’ve signed back up to do a few. I have eight scheduled. So, maybe if you see me at a conference this year, you’ll also go pick up one of my books from the bookstore. 

As I sit here in the morning hours of this fifth day of January in the start of a new decade, I can’t help but be full of an excited expectation for the years to come. I’m in my downstairs living room, snuggled in—comfy and warm—as the sun peeks its head up on a glorious new clear-sky, crisp, winter day. The year stretches before me, full of opportunity. The decade beckons me to jump on in. I can almost hear God saying, “The readers are plentiful but the books are few–pray therefore the Lord of the readers will send out books to the readers.”

So here’s a quick look at where we’ve been and where we’re going.


Published two books –well, three editions because one book comes in two different versions:

  • Animals, Insects, and Creatures of the Bible;  a middle-grade, activity/devotional book that is part of the God Speaks to Me series. This book is written and illustrated by Lynne Davis
  • Fairies and Chimneys, By Rose Fyleman. Edited and designed by Sally Apokedak. This book is published in two editions: black and white, and color.

Contracted 6 more books that are coming in . . .


  • SARA CREWE written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, illustrated by Ellen Injerd,  in color and black and white
  • MOLE AND DUCK, written by Cheryl Secomb, illustrated by Ellen Injerd
  • HAROLD AND BEATRICE, written by Cheryl Secomb, illustrated by Ellen Injerd
  • FEELINGS BOUQUET, written by Janine Yordy, illustrated by Charlotte Hill Vandenburg
  • BEACH DAY, written by Janine Yordy, illustrated by Ellen Injerd
  • THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, written by Paula Masters, illustrated by Zoey Masters


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